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My name is Mark Ludas and I am a fiction writer of the first degree. Consider the previous sentence my proof of that. All writing on this site is copyrighted.

My first fiction publication occurred in the Istanbul Literary Review (now sadly defunct) in January 2009, a short story called “The Human Gift.” A few years later, I published my short story “Recess” in the Normal Review.

My writing, earlier and later, tends to focus on feelings of alienation and uncertainty. As I’ve matured, however, I’ve grown more apt to identify society and its various contradictions and distortions as the cause for much of the painful uncertainty of life.

This ubiquitous uncertainty can become the prevailing characteristic of our lives, dulling our capacity to experience other human emotions such as would be necessary to address society’s faults. But, our need to connect with others remains strong in spite of these external and internal obstacles, and reinforces our collective strength against them and the grounds for real hope.

I was largely inspired to write by the works of Philip K. Dick, Virginia Woolf, Gustave Flaubert, and Franz Kafka. Orson Welles is another huge influence.

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