A Lust for Death (December 2017)

—Ofterdingen, step in front of the mirror. —Yes sir. —Enter Discussion Mode. —Yes sir. I am in Discussion Mode. I will match your level of diction but will continue responding to commands. —Perfect. Ofterdingen, you may sit down. I’m Dr. Sprague. —Hello sir. —You do not need to call me “sir.” —All right. —My assistant, … Continue reading A Lust for Death (December 2017)


“With Distinction” (July 2016)

Verne could not remember the last time he was this happy. His brother, Bowden, was coming home from the war in Afghanistan after eight long years. Delays and reassignments added up like layers of dust, further covering over even the possibility that he would ever come home. But there it was, on paper, on the … Continue reading “With Distinction” (July 2016)

“A Welcome Haunting” (November 2009)

Jonathan stepped down the metal stairs of his house before remembering they weren’t always made of metal: the image of dark, stained wood, appearing under thin grey carpet sprang out in relief from the surface of the staircase, which glinted in the noonday sunlight seeping through the Venetian blinds, and when the glitter of light … Continue reading “A Welcome Haunting” (November 2009)

“Penalty Kill” (June 2014)

“SHOOT IT YOU MISERABLE...” The television blared the proof of Edward’s failure at top volume, the slow disintegration of his principles, of everything he knew, as Team Captain Dwight Ratchet’s final attempt to score a goal for his team, the Austen Fighters, against their sworn enemy, the Sacramento Terror, ended in ignominious and incontrovertible defeat. … Continue reading “Penalty Kill” (June 2014)