“Recess” (November 2011)

This story was published in the Fall 2011 issue of The Normal Review. Philip stared at the empty garbage pail, its bright white inner wall and spotless lip, and tried to restrain the little bomb of anger that had just exploded in his belly. He turned around, facing the hall, and was about to shout his … Continue reading “Recess” (November 2011)

“The Face of a Mother’s Friend” (ca. 2006)

Paul placed a plate of orange slices on the table in the middle of the room. The slightly grey light shone through the translucent curtains, bringing out the white and red bedclothes and the paleness of Diane’s skin as she lay on them. Paul looked admiringly down at her, and already felt his hands caressing … Continue reading “The Face of a Mother’s Friend” (ca. 2006)

“The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)

The nurses and stenographers waited in their white rubber coats, steam rising up from under their facemasks and fogging their spectacles. With Origen’s pause, an anxious sigh, sharp and perturbed, escaped from all of the room’s inhabitants. But Origen only pursed his soapwhite lips and waited for the right words to appear without being asked. … Continue reading “The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)

“The Man Who Was Always Just Waking Up” (October 2014)

Verne was the type of person who would hear what you said, listening very intently and with a closed mouth, only to forget it moments later. He solved this problem with lists; in order to make sure he didn’t forget anything, miss anything, or overlook anything, he wrote things down. Verne went through a notebook … Continue reading “The Man Who Was Always Just Waking Up” (October 2014)