“Realizing” (August 2015)

The two ducks rose from the surface of the water and flew away. “Do you think it's because they don't like us?” Marian asked, turning around to speak to her mother. The little girl's absent hands almost let go of the small oar she was using to help propel the boat forward. Her mother, Alita, … Continue reading “Realizing” (August 2015)


“Power” (November 2010)

note: this story was significantly edited before being posted here. trigger warning: discusses rape "About that uniform, respect it. You have to respect it, even when you’re lying with a woman." -Manlio Argueta, One Day of Life There. His gun. On the mantel, beside my bracelet. He is sleeping. I’m going to take his weapon … Continue reading “Power” (November 2010)

“The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)

The nurses and stenographers waited in their white rubber coats, steam rising up from under their facemasks and fogging their spectacles. With Origen’s pause, an anxious sigh, sharp and perturbed, escaped from all of the room’s inhabitants. But Origen only pursed his soapwhite lips and waited for the right words to appear without being asked. … Continue reading “The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)

“The Man Who Was Always Just Waking Up” (October 2014)

Verne was the type of person who would hear what you said, listening very intently and with a closed mouth, only to forget it moments later. He solved this problem with lists; in order to make sure he didn’t forget anything, miss anything, or overlook anything, he wrote things down. Verne went through a notebook … Continue reading “The Man Who Was Always Just Waking Up” (October 2014)