“The Tone Poet” (ca. November 2006)

translated by Verne Chen. Claude realized he'd left a task undone. He bent once more over his writing desk and added a G Flat major seventh chord onto the page’s last staff. Looking the line over with patient, confident eyes, he heard the tones in his head leave their impressions on him. The overall relief was … Continue reading “The Tone Poet” (ca. November 2006)


“Realizing” (August 2015)

The two ducks rose from the surface of the water and flew away. “Do you think it's because they don't like us?” Marian asked, turning around to speak to her mother. The little girl's absent hands almost let go of the small oar she was using to help propel the boat forward. Her mother, Alita, … Continue reading “Realizing” (August 2015)

“The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)

The nurses and stenographers waited in their white rubber coats, steam rising up from under their facemasks and fogging their spectacles. With Origen’s pause, an anxious sigh, sharp and perturbed, escaped from all of the room’s inhabitants. But Origen only pursed his soapwhite lips and waited for the right words to appear without being asked. … Continue reading “The Self-Made World” (ca. early 2010)